10 Reasons to have a company website

10 Reasons to have a company website

No matter what size your company is, in today’s marketplace every company should have a website. The website should portray both a professional image and enhance the company’s reputation. The business benefits of a professionally designed and developed site cannot be underestimated.

Below are 10 compelling reasons to have a company website.

  1. To attact more customers
  2. To enchance the company image
  3. To compete with your competitors
  4. To provide 24/7 company information
  5. To provide 24/7 company contact details
  6. To list all FAQ’s
  7. To promote and advertise your products and services
  8. To list testimonials
  9. To list accreditations
  10. To keep customers and clients informed of company news

Whether your company is a small accountancy or legal firm or even a big business many of the reasons listed above will apply to you.

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